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The rules of the entrance

  1. From Wednesday to Sunday, anyone over the age of 18 can enter the area of ​​the entertainment venue and can prove this beyond all doubt with a valid, recognizable official ID. We cannot accept scanned and/or photocopied personal documents.
  2. Entry to Nomade can be denied to individuals who exhibit uncivilized behavior, are visibly under the influence of alcohol or drugs, possess any dangerous items, have previously been escorted out for their behavior, or are deemed dangerous to other patrons by the staff. Entry is valid for a single admission only.
  3. The Operator reserves the right to restrict the items and objects that can be brought to Nomade premises for the safety of those present. It is particularly forbidden to bring objects or items that are specified as dangerous to public security in the current law on particularly dangerous objects for public security (currently Government Decree 175/2003 (X.28)), or items that may be illegal to possess or could pose a danger to persons present on Nomade premises. The Visitor may not enter the Nomade premises with restricted items.
  4. Those under 18 and intoxicated individuals will not be served alcoholic beverages on Nomade premises. Visitors may be asked to provide identification to verify their age when being served at the bar. If the visitor is unable or unwilling to verify their age as prescribed, Nomade may refuse service of alcoholic beverages. The use of drugs classified as illegal substances under current legislation is prohibited on Nomade premises.
  5. Under section 26 of Act CXXXIII of 2005 on rules governing personal and property protection and private investigation, the Operator is authorized to inspect packages at the entrance and premises of Nomade, remove certain individuals, and prevent their entry. To enforce compliance with the house rules, the Operator employs personal and property security services in accordance with the regulations set out in the IV Act of 1998 on Personal, Property Security and Private Investigation and the Professional Chamber of Personal, Property Security and Private Investigation (hereinafter referred to as personal and property protection services). Visitors expressly agree to cooperate fully within the legal framework with these parties, following their instructions in the event of a hazardous situation. If the Visitor wishes to file a complaint against these parties, they may do so in the Operator’s office.
  6. Anyone acting aggressively towards other guests or staff may be removed from Nomade premises without further notice.
  7. The use of the coatroom is mandatory during the fall-winter season, and we recommend the use of lockable storage boxes for valuables.
  8. Visitors are not permitted to bring beverages or food onto Nomade premises that are not sold by Nomade Operator.
  9. Intoxicated, intoxicated or inappropriately dressed individuals are not permitted to enter Nomade premises. The Operator reserves the right to check admission for the safety of other visitors on the premises of Nomade. Dress codes and face control are enforced at Nomade.

In case of inappropriate clothing, entry may be refused:

  • Any sportswear, sports shoes, sports jersey, headband, headscarf, sleeveless jersey,

  • Any clothing that is outrageous or offensive to others,Side-.pocket and / or terrain pattern shorts,

  • Any open slippers (dangerous due to broken glass on the dancefloor),

  • Extensive tattoos on the face or neck,

  • Torn, worn, smelly, dirty, untidy clothing,

  • Punk hairstyle and / or punk clothing,

Admission staff are free to decide on the appropriate attire!

By entering Nomade, our guests accept the policy!

NOMADE by Gigi’s

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